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Over lunch one day cousins Daniel and Ronald Schipper reminisced about their family’s close connection to the European diamond and jewelry world. Immediately they promised one another to look into the feasibility of fusing their combined skills and backgrounds by bringing the family trade back into their plans to collaborate.  Nine months later & Sparkles was born.


Daniel grew up in Antwerp, Belgium in a family with a long diamond lineage. His father started trading natural, fancy-coloured diamonds 40 years ago, and his grandparents were Amsterdam-based jewelers. Daniel steered away from the family trade to study business administration in Rotterdam. He began his career as an international commodity trader before he started managing an international commodity trading hedge-fund. He later extended his expertise into general investments – it was only natural that this include the family trade of diamonds and jewelry.


Ronald is Daniel’s cousin. He hails from a similar lineage of diamond traders and jewelers – their grandfather set up a jewelry business decades ago, which his father later took over. Ronald grew up in Amsterdam and was educated at the CHF in Lausanne, Switzerland. After training at Chopard in Geneva, he embarked upon a management career in European retail and luxury goods. He has worked for Sun Glass Hut, Profuomo and Louis Vuitton where he was responsible for launching the brand and increasing its visibility in the Netherlands. His specialty is public relations and marketing for the international luxury market.


Research revealed to the cousins that by combining their skills and teaming up with some of the best designers and online marketing experts, they could present a new way of presenting jewelry.  And through this research they also discovered that the cost of materials often prevented some of the most brilliant design minds applying their genius to jewelry.


What lies at the core of the & Sparkles story is a clever business model, collaboration and investment in top artists and designers work, and an emphasis on including consumers in the design process.


At & Sparkles we understand that consumers want to feel like they understand and have truly participated in what they purchase and surround themselves with.  Now they can engage and have a say.


Welcome to & Sparkles.

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