Amnesty Int.


A new collection celebrating the collaboration between & Sparkles and Amnesty International has sparked great interest for its bold but refined take on the core values of this noble organization. The pieces of the Liberty Collection capture the spirit of global peace, cooperation and mutual respect.

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Barbara Nanning


Before embarking on a careers as an artist, Barbara Nanning studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She works in ceramics and glass, but is best known for her public, large-scale sculptures assembled from stoneware. Nanning draws inspiration from macro and micro ecosystems- the planets, the stars, plant-life and molecules. In her earlier work Nanning mostly employed a glazed finish, but later developed a technique whereby coloured pigments could be applied directly, resulting in a matt finish. Most recently she exhibited at Design Miami/Basel and at the Singer Museum in Laren.

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Caren Pardovitch


Pardovitch studied at the Fashion Institute of New York, a true globe-trotter she has lived all over the world, but admits to drawing much of her inspiration from her favourite spot – Central Park.
She set up her own company, Caren Pardovitch Interior Design.
Her work can be found in fashionable places like Verbier Switzerland, Caren’s next project is the interior design of a five star boutique hotel in Amsterdam.

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Christoph Blatter


Christoph Blatter’s work in jewelry trancends cultural boundries, he employs the ancient goldsmithing technique practiced by the west African Ashanti people. His new work for And Sparkles continues with this while uniting purity and antiquity, architecture and ethnology. Blatter works from his own studio in Switzerland and for some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

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Ini Archibong


Ini Archibong’s work is inspired by both the art world as well as his diverse personal and professional background. He works mainly with furniture where bold lines and edgy curves alternate in authentic modern design.
He has also worked for the famous design studio Eight Inc. responsible for the retail concept of Apple.
Since the beginning of his studies, he has received numerous awards in recognition of his talent. He has a Masters degree in Art & Design from the Ecal School of Art in Lausanne.
His most recent work, which involved designing a chair to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the world famous furniture brand De Sede, is proof of his success! Once again, at And Sparkles, he has delivered some truly unique designs!

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Lidy Peters


Lidy Peters is a dreamer, a trend-watcher and a creator. Peters started her own company specialized in Italian fabrics woven from old traditional techniques and high-end Belgian linens. She imports materials like flooring, fabrics, recycled wood, wool carpets and bamboo. “I love the beauty of craft that can be found in nearly every profession”. Lidy has great taste, she created some fantastic jewelry for And Sparkles.

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Melody Deldjou Fard


Melody Deldjou Fard ia an Iranian born, Dutch creative thinker, art director, and multidisciplinary artist now based in the Netherlands.
Her approach is to employ the language of images. De Morgen a leading Belgian Newspaper called her an Inspiring Personality, and renowned trend watcher Lidewij Edelkoort named her one of the International Creative Stars of the future. She was invited to present her work by the Festival de Hyeres in France, invitations followed from the Groningen Museum and Hussein Chalayan. Her jewelry is much inspired by her Iranian roots.

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Sayaka Yamamoto


Sayaka Yamamoto was born in Japan, after graduating from the Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College in Tokyo she moved to the Netherlands. After further studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven she went on to become one of Holland’s top designers using jewelry, products installations and graphic design as her medium. Her passion is to work aesthetically with different materials and to pack her work with narrative. Nature is often her source of inspiration.

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Suzon Ingber


Suzon Ingber is a Belgian/Danish interior specialist whose work focuses on a search for what is essential in functionality. She studied in the late 60s at the Henry van de Velde Institute in Antwerp before opening her own studio in the same city. Her clients now span the Globe. Ingber likes to play with volumes and geometry when conceiving products and spaces. Her work can be found in the collections of furniture companies Appart, Durlet and Obumex.

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Vasily Baglaenko


Growing up in Russia, the image of his father meticulously crafting gold and gemstones is forever imprinted on Vasily Baglaenko mind. The seed was planted and his own passion for jewelry began to grow. He started to learn how technology was changing the jewelry industry, he decided to study 3d modeling with the idea of later applying that knowledge to jewelry. From very early in his career Baglaenko started collaborating with different companies around the world. He draws inspiration from literature and likes to blend a respect for tradition with a more conceptual forward thinking eye.

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Zoe Stork


Zoe attended in 1998 at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam then opened her own jewelry repair atelier where she attracted big name clients like Buddah to Buddah and Good Times Jewelry. More recently Zoe has been devoting more of her time to her work in the entertainment industry mostly as a casting director. The launch of And Sparkles felt like the perfect opportunity to return to her first and main love – jewelry design.

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