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At & Sparkles the emphasis is on design. We are always excited to hear from new designers or artists with a strong vision and narrative.  If this is you, feel free to contact us HERE to discuss your work further.  And remember we like to work with not just established jewelry designers, but artists, product designers, architects, and others with a strong conceptual and creative background.  We really believe that good ideas can always be translated by our master-craftsmen into wearable jewelry.


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The & Sparkles aesthetic embraces the breadth of jewelry refinement from modern classics to more decorative pieces. In the initial stages we would like to see your sketches and hear about your concepts.  You can expect to hear back from us after our team of curators has appraised your submissions. It is important to note that & Sparkles takes full responsibility for the rendering of all pieces, production, finishing, marketing, PR, financing, packaging, logistics and after-sales service.


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